I Hate Design Agency (IHD) aims to provide assistance to start-ups and SMEs where they need it most, due to their restricted size. The agency thus enables these companies to benefit from the services of a Design Director and an approach to design management whose success stems from the fostering of long-term partnerships.

We firmly believe in the potential of a complete approach revolving around all the key axes of design (digital, graphic, product, services…). Our ability to ascertain coherence between the various design sub-specialties enables us to provide valuable support to our clients’ board of directors, executives or marketing departments and help them define their priorities and thus set up a long-term strategy… the key to success.

Design Strategy by I Hate Design

We optimize the input provided by each contributor and hence budget projects over 3, 4 or 5 years by sequencing work into phases. As well as setting up web services to optimize the development of the various concepts, we always recommend involving several of our clients’ employees, and not only at management level.

I Hate Design: design ladder

We are constantly striving to optimize our service based on the experience acquired from working on our various projects in the United States with The FIX, FirstWorks or P2link for instance, as well as in France. By surrounding ourselves with professionals specialized in web, graphic, product and interior design as well as fashion and consulting, IHD has the scope of expertise required to manage projects for clients in the services, healthcare, industrial or culinary arts.

Working with a Design Director and setting up a design management policy is of crucial importance when it comes to developing a business with a modern outlook. Design strategy is nowadays what enables a company to stand out.